Top 10 most impressive casinos in the world

When you gamble online there’s not much to see. A nice website with some nice graphics and you’re probably happy! But when you go out to gamble in real life, it’s nice to be in a beautiful environment. You will be inspired to also try to make the luxurious life reality for yourself. We’ve composed a top 10 of the most impressive casinos all over the world, which you certainly should pay a visit to!

10. The Ritz Club (London)

You’ll find The Ritz Club located in the basement of a hotel. Different than other casinos in this top 10 The Ritz Club is not gigantic. But that doesn’t make it less beautiful! You can play several games like roulette, blackjack and poker. But you also find slot machines in The Ritz Club.

The Ritz Club Londen

9. The Cosmopolitan (Las Vegas)

If you love casinos and gambling you should obviously visit Las Vegas. And once you’re there, visit The Cosmopolitan. It’s a hotel and casino on the place to be in Vegas: The Strip. It’s a big hotel and casino, with 2295 rooms and 10.000 m2 gambling area.

The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

8. Monte Carlo Casino (Monaco)

If you decide to travel to Monaco, you have to visit the Monte Carlo Casino! This casino has been opened a long time ago, in 1863 to be exact.

Monte Carlo Casino Monaco

7. Planet Hollywood (Las Vegas)

Also on the strip in Las Vegas: Planet Hollywood. The casino has around 9.300 m2 gambling area. A nice fact: Elvis Presley got married with his Priscilla in the casino a year after the opening.

Planet Hollywood Las Vegas

6. Casino de Genting (Malaysia)

Casino de Genting is the most colorful and also the only legal casino in Malaysia. For locals and tourists it’s basically the only location to gamble in the country. Besides their beautiful location Casino de Genting also has an online casino.

Casino de Genting Malaysia

5. The Palazzo (Las Vegas)

The Palazzo is also located on the strip in Las Vegas. The beautiful casino has a direct connection to the Venetian (Las Vegas) and the Wynn. Triple the fun!

The Pallazo Las Vegas

4. Wynn (Las Vegas)

Once you’ve walked from the Palazzo to the Wynn you’re in one of the highest buildings of Las Vegas. It has 50 floors! If you’re tired of gambling, you can also play golf at the Wynn. The Golf court is only available for guests of the hotel and is available for 500 dollars per round.

The Wynn Las Vegas

3. Bellaggio (Las Vegas)

The Bellaggio has been opened in 1998 and also has a hotel together with a casino. The two towers together offer 3950 rooms. The Bellaggio is well known for the impressive fountains in front of the hotel.

Bellagio Las Vegas

2. Marina Bay Sands (Singapore)

Marina Bay Sands is a luxurious resort in the Marina Bay all the way up in Singapore. The casino offers 1600 slot machines and 500 table games. On the roof of the resort you’ll find a 340 meters long sky park with a capacity of 3900 people, together with a 150 meters long pool with a beautiful view on Singapore.

Marina Bay Sands Singapore

1. The Venetian (Macao)

Don’t mix it up with the Venetian in Las Vegas, this one is a little bit out of direction! In China you’ll find the most impressive casino of the world: the Venetian. It has over 3300 slot machines and 800 table games. Around the Venetian you’ll find the typically Venetian canals which you can float on with a real gondola!

The Venetian Macao

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