Should you rely on your intuition while gambling?

News Intuition While Gambling

Most gamblers play with a well thought out gambling strategy. As a player it makes you feel like you’re playing conscious and you have a good chance at winning. Of course, gambling is completely random, but sometimes it simply feels better when you have a plan. But what about your intuition? Is that something you should trust on when you’re gambling? Smart little Albert did some research for you.

First off, what is intuition?
Intuition is a preference of your brain without consciously thinking about something. It’s an unconscious choice, you have not really looked at the facts, so your brain makes a choice without thinking about the pros and cons.

When do you use your intuition in daily life?
Most people use their intuition while making small, relatively insignificant decisions. You don’t really think about the pros and cons, you simply choose what feels good. When you’re making bigger and more complex decisions which will influence your life in the long run, people tend to look at the facts and sometimes ignore their gut feelings. Of course it’s smart to make a list with all the facts lined up and think about the different options. But with these big decisions it’s helpful to also focus on your intuition. What does your heart say? Your intuition has more sense for the whole picture, the context. It doesn’t just look at the facts. And that might be helpful to make decisions wisely and feel no regret afterwards.

Is it wise to use it while gambling?
When you are gambling, most of the time you have made out a plan for yourself. But sometimes you hear this little voice that tells you what to do. Or you suddenly tend to a certain color or another decision. Why is this happening? Your brain is always unconsciously looking for patterns. Even though there are no patterns in gambling, your brain might want to push you in a certain direction. It’s completely natural and in daily life it’s something you should definitely follow. But in gambling, there are no patterns, because of the Random Number Generator. So it could be that your brain is right by chance, but the next time you might be disappointed. So be careful with relying on your intuition when you’re gambling.

Albert’s advice? Play with your own strategy and just have fun. It’s all about luck. One way or another, luck might also knock on your door. Try your luck at our approved casino: Larry Casino. Gamble safe, smart and have fun!

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