Red Tiger rolls out The Wild Hatter online slot

The Wild Hatter Red Tiger

We all have a wild hatter deep inside of us, and now, Red Tiger aims to bring it out to the surface. That is precisely what happens in The Wild Hatter slot by the company. With a 3,333 multiplier, it’s understandable why someone would go slightly mad – with joy, that is.

This 30 paylines 5×4-grid slot is a perfect opportunity for you to step up your game and dive in a world filled with awesome gameplay features. There are Wilds, Respins and of course, Respin Multipliers.

Each symbol is delivered with heartfelt accuracy to make the experience just what you need it to be. After a few minutes on the slot, you wouldn’t mind turning into a Wild Hatter yourself. Here’s how it works.

Volatility and Gameplay on Point

The Wild Hatter released on April 16, making for one of the freshest mid-month games to try right now. It was immediately tailored to cover a multi-channel experience, offering desktop, tablet, and smartphone compatibility.

Of course, you can hop for a session from your Windows or Mac, no problem there. Oh, and it’s an exclusive title for GVC. It just so happens that Red Tiger likes to stick with a few brands and roll out its online slots there first.

Meanwhile, the high volatility of the game will lead to big paydays. The story is also pretty good. You have the Teapot and Cheshire Cat from the original story. Besides, the ambience of the game is boosted with the addition of a cool soundtrack.

There are a wild trigger and a re-spin to give your experience a complete feeling, and they do!

Don’t Miss out This 5×4 Slot

With its rather standard 5×4-grid, the slot is a promising game to try yourself. Working under NetEnt’s brand, Red Tiger has achieved great synergies in development. As a result, the company’s latest products are nothing short of excellent.

Even Carl Ejlertsson, Director of Business at Red Tiger, agrees as much. He calls The Wild Hatter Slot a “thrilling tour,” that evokes some of the most memorable and loved characters from literature.

If you don’t like to read much, but love the iGaming experience, this slot will be a perfect fit for you. The gameplay is very easy to get into and poses no additional challenges at all. You can squeeze out a lot of extra fun as soon as you enter the game.

The game has already been translated into 31 languages to make it very easy for an international crowd to follow through with the experience. Furthermore, the studio has worked on the quality and speed of the platform, offering the best frame-per-second (FPS) slot you can get on your hands.

Not least, there is the compatibility mentioned above. You can see how easy it is to keep switching between devices and still have a go at The Wild Hatter. That is just one of the first slots to emerge from Red Tiger’s hands as part of NetEnt. More goodies are sure to follow next!


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