Push Gaming has made another big summer release with Shadow Order

The Shadow Order Logo

Push Gaming invites the online gaming lovers to discover the secret society mystery with its latest release. The iGaming authorities expect this game to make a massive splash until the end of the season. Moreover, they expect that this thematic slot will attract attention more than ever. 

Push Gaming has been one of the best contributors in the iGaming world. Throughout the years it has created a number of titles to entertain online gaming enthusiasts. Frankly, so far, it has been very successful.

However, with Shadow Order, the vendor offers the players to unveil mysteries by spinning the reels. Besides, if you are courageous enough to crack the code, you can solve the deepest secrets of their confidential society. At the moment, the game is available to play in several casinos that are working with Push Gaming.

The provider wanted Shadow Order to be more than a simple slot game. Although the game doesn’t have an intro to increase emotional reactions and create a link between the storyline and the gamers, it has a perfect theme that makes one curious. Speaking of the theme, the provider’s design team has done an excellent job by making both visual and audio perfect. In addition to its keen graphics that sustain the link between the players and the game, it provides an amazing soundtrack. While the gamblers hear this soundtrack, they feel the suspense and the mystery of the game. This of course creates an unforgettable gaming experience.

In terms of symbols, the game has various of them. For instance, there are chess pieces, Illuminati books and rings, crpytex, wax seals, and all-seeing eye as symbols.

The features of Shadow Order

Aside from its visual quality, the game has a number of features that make the players enjoy for a long time. On the other hand, Shadow Order has a usual game design in the sense of replacing the symbols. It consists of five reels and five paylines.

Moreover, it has three different hotspot zones that make it unique. When the players activate these hotspots, the game suddenly absorbs the colour of the hotspot orb. Nonetheless, each of the orbs activates a different feature. As a result of that, the players can get more chances to gain extra Wilds, which removes the low-value symbols or locks the high-value symbols in their grid. Besides, the game offers free spins just like the other slots.

In addition to them, Shadow Order has four different characters that come with their own set of skills. Let’s see those characters and what they have to offer.

  • Billy the Gambler is the character that converts low-value symbols into high-value symbols.
  • Molly the Messenger is the one that makes the orbs fall onto the grid quicker than usual.
  • Amarillo the Magister is special for making cascade rolling with only high-value icons.
  • Archie the Spy is unique in terms of giving Wilds for each column in the game.

When we consider the features of the game, we can say that the provider did a splendid job. Furthermore, it seems like the game will not be forgotten that easily. With its detailed content, Shadow Order will save the rest of your summer from boredom.


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