ORYX Gaming and Habanero agreed on their new partnership

This week, the popular iGaming slot and table games producer Habanero has signed a partnership with ORYX Gaming. By this means, the provider now has a chance to serve its products to the online casinos all around Europe. With this new-born partnership, all the slots and table games by Habanero will be available on various platforms. Furthermore, those platforms will be assured by ORYX Gaming, including the latest ones.

Arcangelo Lonoce, who is the European Head of Business Development at Habanero, said that this deal means more players than ever for them. Thanks to this partnership, the majority of the gamblers will have a chance to access their excellent portfolio. Plus, they added, their team always look for creating the most eye-catching and quality games the sector has to offer and having ORYX Gaming by their side will only continue to help them grow.

Besides that, ORYX Gaming is aware of the fact that adding content to their third-party offerings is crucial. The CEO of the company, Matevz Mazij, stated that it is always essential for them to add third-party offerings. And, they are sure that this partnership will contribute to their brand-value a big plus. Moreover, they believe that the operators will be satisfied with the high-quality contents of Habanero. Therefore, ORYX Gaming looks forward to starting a long-term business relationship.

What is ORYX Gaming known for?

ORYX Gaming is an iGaming software development company that has its fingertips in multiple aspects since 2010. So far, the company helps its partners with offering services and solutions of iGaming platforms, gaming products, aggregation, and turnkeys. Today, ORYX Gaming provides more than 8000 third party offerings on its platform. Furthermore, they gradually expand their range day by day.

Also, the company asserts with the latest developments improvements and implies them to its products and services. Regarding this, ORYX Gaming can maintain everything required in the igaming world, in a flexible and scalable system.

As a company that supplies all the necessity of the sector, they believe reaching out to different centres of the world is crucial. Therefore, ORYX Gaming has four various offices around the world. At the moment, the company has offices in Slovenia, the USA, the UK, and the world gambling capital Malta.

What is Habanero known for?

Habanero is an iGaming solution and software provider that is famous for its exceptional casino games. Since 2010, the provider has obtained enormous popularity in the industry thanks to its wide range of games. Also, having the majority of those games available on different kinds of devices, such as tablets and smartphones, is a big plus for the name of the company.

On the other hand, Habanero has offices in Johannesburg, Kyiv, Manilla, and Sofia. Moreover, they offer iGaming experience in the most popular languages of the gambling sector, including Russian, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Dutch, German, and French. Regarding this, the company can quickly grow and expand its business to different markets around the world.

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