NetEnt Adds Wilderland Slot Following Red Tiger Integration

Wilderland Netent Red Tiger

On the tail of acquiring Red Tiger, NetEnt has released a new slot to kick off April with a bang. The game-maker’s latest release is Wilderland, a slot taking you deep into the land of Elves. There, you will find the opportunity to join the pointy-eared creatures on various adventures.

There are quite a few characters that will accompany as you explore the mythical lands. With richly-adorned reels and beautiful mechanics, this is a slot you don’t want to miss.

What’s Wilderland?

In many ways, Wilderland is a familiar NetEnt classic. The game comes with a traditional build-up – there are five reels and three rows, neatly waiting for you to give them instructions. As to the volatility, you can enjoy frequent payouts.

Moreover, the RTP is around 96%, which strikes a great balance between your bets and potential return. Yet, one thing makes this game more unique than you expect. It’s the ambience, of course.

You see, Wilderland has been created to represent a magical world, and NetEnt has succeeded in achieving this goal. But more importantly, this game features an all-time favourite feature – the Walking Wild.

Why the Walking Wild? Well, this is a feature that could potentially stack-up the payouts so high, you would definitely have your tale to tell! But hold on, because NetEnt has completely improved on the experience by introducing the innovative Walking Scatters feature.

Both of these combined could give you quite the boost as you will have more than one opportunity to use them per single spin. In addition, the game comes with a special Magic Wild feature to increase the potential return even further.

Three scatter symbols can pay off neatly, the game’s paytable reveals. In fact, when stacked, the scatters will grant you a bunch of free spins to get some freebies as well. All in all, the game aims high and delivers.

What Do NetEnt and Red Tiger Think?

The success of every slot is more than the brand that releases it. It’s consistently delivering on great quality to help find the next big thing that gamers like.

For a while now, NetEnt has been skimping on the Walking Wild feature, but this is about to change. With the addition of both a Walking Wild and a Walking Scatter, the studio is focusing on delivering a unique opportunity to players.

That is one that will surely stick around. NetEnt Director of Games, Bryan Upton, was also satisfied with the result, emphasizing on the uniqueness of the offer. Red Tiger has also joined NetEnt recently.

The company has been doing quite a bit in helping NetEnt tidy up some loose ends and bring its own developer’s skillset to the table. Of course, NetEnt’s has been a tremendous help to Red Tiger in helping the company distribute its games across a much larger network of partners and brands.

As a result, Red Tiger can look into some more ambitious projects that are usually the preserve of more established studios.


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