Mr Green Reveals New Personalised Jackpots

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Just when you thought that casino jackpots couldn’t get much better, Mr Green goes ahead and takes things one step further. How? Well, by teaming up with Blue Ribbon Software, the platform has gone forward and developed something known as “Personal Jackpots”, which will be available for members of the brand’s Club Royale based in Sweden.

As if the Mr Green platform wasn’t already providing a unique and personalised experience before, it’s now taking that to the next level with the in-house jackpot service. Through the Personal Jackpots, players will have jackpot amounts that they can play for, which are tailored specifically to the individual.

Of course, jackpots have always been a part of casinos, both online and offline. However, up until now, they have always been pooled prizes, which don’t really have a huge chance of paying out on frequent occasions.

Now, with the Personal Jackpot offer for Sweden’s Club Royale members, each individual is guaranteed to receive a win, with a jackpot widget which will allow the player to keep track of their own personalised jackpot building up.

Mr Green and Blue Ribbon Speak Out

Speaking of the introduction of the Personal Jackpot feature, the Head of Gaming at Mr Green, Jacqui Gatt said that it’s a completely bespoke jackpot, which will add an extra layer of “excitement and anticipation” for players during their time accessing games at Mr Green.

Players need only visit their “My Account” section of the site to be able to see their jackpot progress, or they can also view it while playing a game. “We look forward to continue development of this exciting new product”, said Jacqui, before mentioning that additional innovations will be coming in the upcoming months.

To be able to create the Personal Jackpot feature, Mr Green chose to team up with the software provider known as Blue Ribbon. When approached for a comment on the unison, the CEO and co-founder of the company, Amir Askarov said that he is excited to have partnered up with Mr Green.

Mr Aksarov continued on, saying that both companies believe in bespoke jackpots, which are achievable and able to deliver a great added value to players at the Mr Green platform. “Personal Jackpots can ensure Mr Green will stand out”, he finished, before mentioning that competition is so fierce in the gaming world.

It is because of the introduction of these personalised jackpots that Mr Green looks to carve an even bigger niche in the online gaming world for itself. There’s little doubt that the Club Royale players will benefit from having their own personalised jackpot to aim for and receive.

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