Microgaming Secures Rights to Introduce New Tarzan Slot

Extended Rights Tarzan Slot Microgaming

Microgaming, one of the leading developers of casino games, is ready to take another step in a new gaming franchise. The Isle of Man-based company will, once again, bring Tarzan to one of its authentic slots. This moves marks the studio’s ambition to expand well beyond its current selection of characters and titles.

On Thursday, Microgaming has extended the licensing agreement with the IP’s rights holder – Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc. The company had to reach out to Creative Licensing Corporation, an expert in securing copyrights for the developments of alternative products.

And now, the result is that Microgaming’s Tarzan online slot machine is already underway. And best of all, this is not the first time Microgaming took a crack at the franchise. In fact, this is going to be the second Tarzan slot by the developers.

To make sure that enough effort goes into the creation of the game, a trusted third-party will take the lead on the project. Fortune Factory Studios will be taking the lead on this one in a bid to secure the highest possible artistic quality.

Tarzan is a perfect pick of theme for the new slot as well. The character appeals to multiple generations who are familiar with him. Besides, he features in some 50 animation movies, not to mention The Legend of Tarzan.

There are multiple other iterations of the popular franchise as well, to name plays, TV series and so on.

What to Expect from the New Game?

Each new game by Microgaming holds an immense potential that fans always appreciate. The future slot is no exception, and Fortune Factory Studios intend to live up to the hype. Going back to the previous version of the Tarzan slot, that was a 40-lines game.

Moving forward, the developers are hoping to introduce a new exciting twist for everyone to enjoy. Meanwhile, you can expect to see familiar characters, such as Jane and Archimedes making a return in the genre.

Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. also commented on the developments, arguing that the new character developed by Microgaming will surely turn out a success. Microgaming also released an open statement sharing their own excitement to have the opportunity to develop the game.

Explaining the future plans of the studio, Jean-Luc Ferriere, said that there were more branded slots coming down the line. He commented:

“We are excited to extend our brand partnership with Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc. to create the next iteration of Tarzan, a timeless character and brand with worldwide appeal. The upcoming game from Fortune Factory Studios will be one of several new branded slots to launch on Microgaming’s platform this year as we continue to diversify, extend and refresh our content offering.”

Microgaming is definitely revving up the overall number of games produced in 2020. We can expect some nice and innovative slots from Microgaming and partner studios going forward in 2020.

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