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It has been a busy week and for all of you who love slot gaming, an opportunistic one. In the past seven days, we have seen several great slots releases that are worth a mention. And now, in case you have missed out, this here is your opportunity to catch up. We present to you, some of the finest titles that have been released this week.

Divine Luck by High 5 Games

Divine Luck is an interesting mix of the designer’s elements. On the one hand, you feel like you are underneath the sea’s surface; on the other, you are standing in a lush garden. This surrealism in slot design is awesome, as it makes players explore more eagerly.

And trust us when we say that, there is quite a bit to explore in Divine Luck. Yet, to put your minds at rest, the theme is actually Oriental. You can benefit from very flexible paytables as well as malleable betting limits.

Make no mistake, though – the simplicity of the interface is counter-intuitive to the available features! First, you can get a crack at Blocks Bucks, which will allow you to accumulate 1000 credits quickly.

Even better, there is the Super Stacks feature where you can turn your lowbies into high-paying symbols at the drop of a hat. There is definitely quite a bit to see in this title from High5Games. We surely recommend you to try out this fresh new video slot.

Kraken’s Lair by Thunderkick

Release the Kraken are perhaps some of the famous last words anyone would say. But don’t worry! Thunderkick offers you a chance to beat the beast yourself in this 5-reel, 9-payline game that excites quite a bit of interest.

With its unique theme and straightforward interface, this game is a real keeper. You will enjoy some of the best underwater themed slots there is. And better yet, you get to face the mythic creature which has scared seafarers for centuries!

But don’t worry, there are 10 free games to alleviate your fears.

Mystery Express by IGT

We are suckers for a good thrill, and Mystery Express brings it! You can benefit from up to 600 coins payout per individual spin. Better yet, there is a cool experience meter! Yes, your adventures in Mystery Express will actually earn you recognition.

Depending on the combinations you get, you will line up between 10 and 100 experience points per roll. And once you crank out the EXP, the more stations will you have access to. Eventually, you can hit a 30x total payout based on your stake, which can land you a massive payout – no doubt about that!

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