Bangin’ Xmas Gifts from Karamba

Karamba Xmas Campaign

No more Rudolph jumpers – this year Karamba is giving you the gifts you actually want in their Bangin’ Gifts Xmas! True to their motto of doing things “The Karamba Way” (going overboard on fun at every given opportunity), Karamba online casino has put a crazy spin on a not-so-crazy idea this Christmas.

Besides from being hilarious, if there’s one thing Karamba do, it’s deliver on their promises and this promotion is no exception. When they say “bangin’ gifts” they really do mean BANGIN’ GIFTS! Have a sneek peek:

  • Free Gift Spins Everyday – Play daily challenges to get free spins!
  • Win an iPhone 7 Every Week – Collect raffle tickets and win yours!
  • Xmas Gifts of All Gifts Raffle – You’ll do anything to get your name in this raffle!

Rumour has it that there’s even more Xmas cheer (and gifts) where those came from. We must admit, they are surely going all in with these great prizes during the holiday month.

Fancy a brand new home theatre package this Xmas?

Surround sound, huge screen, 3D…you name it, Karamba’s got it wrapped up for you! Well, that’s if you’re lucky enough to be drawn in the Xmas Gift of All Gifts Raffle that is! If you could see yourself watching all the Xmas telly with a brand new home theatre package then get collecting tickets! Every deposit throughout December will give you one more chance.

Imagine if Santa actually read your list this year!

“Well that’s exactly what’s going to happen. Wave goodbye to socks, tea cups and thermal underwear, we’re going to bring you nothing but top notch prezzies in our Bangin’ Gifts Xmas! This year it’s all about getting what you actually want, no matter if you made it to the good list or not.

Our source was rather jolly on what he called “ Christmas spirit”, but we’ve got a sneaky suspicion that some rather strong eggnog was involved:

“We know exactly what you really wanted to put on your list but were too shy to ask for… yes I’m talking free gift spins every single day, iPhone 7s and even a stunning home theatre package! You could say that we’re the first Santa Claus to actually listen and get it right!”

Missing out on this would be like missing out on watching Elf this year!

From experience, we know that Karamba are the best at throwing parties, but this time they’ve really taken it to the next level. Other sites out there may put on an offer or two to celebrate Christmas, but Karamba have gone all out with a concept that absolutely everyone will love. Whether you’re already in the festive spirit or not, Karamba’s decided to put all of their party people in the jolliest of Xmas cheer with gifts that will make you as happy as Buddy the Elf describing his favourite colour.

About Karamba:

Karamba is a one-of-a-kind fun-filled online casino and slots brand, that’s all about every day celebrations. When you join Karamba you know exactly what you’re going to get… a roaring great time and the best bonuses out there. Since actions (and outrageous events) speak louder than words, why would you not experience the fun yourself? Read our detailed Karamba review for more information.

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