How to choose a reliable and solid online casino? – PART 5: Customer Service

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It’s been a long ride, but yeah, we arrived at the last one, but surely not the least. Customer Service can make or break an online casino operator. Here is what you need to know. Enjoy!

Another factor that many gamers need to know about before joining an online casino, is whether it provides great customer support or not. After all, problems can arise at any given time, and it’s imperative that we find the answers and assistance that we need with them. It’s quite common in the first instance, to seek out a FAQ section. This abbreviation stands for ‘Frequently Asked Questions’. Therefore, because these questions are the most common, it’s fairly likely that you’ll find answers to your queries within. Some platforms have larger FAQ sections than others. Others answer three or four questions and expect it to be enough. Of course, not everyone has the patience to browse through such a page of an online casino. Or, not everybody really wants to. And that’s why it’s also important for a platform to offer up a customer service team too. This team of people should also be available to contact in more than one way. Furthermore, working hours for the customer support team will differ from casino to casino, with some providing 24/7 support and others having set working times. So, should you prefer to have agents available to reach around-the-clock, a 24/7 support team is what you should be looking for. However, let’s take a look at the ways in which these teams are generally reachable.

Live Chat

Not all casinos incorporate a live chat function, but those that do give their players a direct link to the support team. Live chat is the easiest and most effective way of communicating with a support agent and getting the answers that you need. A lot of the time, you’ll see a link for the live chat function that is always available on the page you’re using. It’s simply a matter of clicking on said link and opening the chat box. Then, you can type your questions or concerns to the agent, who will respond in a relatively quick time. Furthermore, you have the option of copying and saving the chat once the conversation has come to an end. And that way, you can always check back over it for forgotten information, or keep it for future reference. Overall, it’s a big favourite of many people – to see a live chat support function at an online casino. It saves on wait times in a big way.


Sending emails is quite a standard of modern-day computing in general. And that’s why just about all online casinos provide players with an email option for receiving support. Some will simply provide you with a standard email address to send messages to, while others offer up a form for you to fill out. However, both of them have exactly the same function. Emails, while being a direct way of sending a message, aren’t as speedy on responses as what live chat functions are. That’s why most casinos state that they will reply to all emails within 24 – sometimes 48 – hours. Emails aren’t specifically given priority over other forms of contact. That’s why if a casino receives a great deal of live chat requests and telephone calls for example, emails will find themselves at the back of the queue. However, sending an email message is key in some circumstances. They obviously allow you to input more details about problems, as well as attach screenshots if necessary. Sometimes, if a technical problem has occurred, the support team need to see exactly what’s going on on your screen. Therefore, it’s quite vital for an online casino to provide email support.

Telephone Support

This kind of support is pretty self-explanatory. Calling a support team up on the telephone allows you to speak directly with one of the agents. This is also something that can be on hand on a 24/7 basis, although it’s much more common to see telephone support have specific working hours. What’s also quite common is for there to be more than one number to call. This is usually due to the fact that online casinos cater to many different countries. Therefore, there is usually at least a number for citizens of one or two specific countries, and then an international number for everyone else. Depending upon the size and reach of the casino, there may be multiple different numbers catering to specific countries. Telephone support is not as common as live chat and email. And this could be due to the fact that it can come with charges if you’re not calling to a toll-free number. Obviously, email and live chat don’t come with such fees.

Social Media

It’s becoming more and more common these days to see casinos branching out into social media platforms too. Locations like Facebook and Twitter not only provide a great method of players being able to contact casinos, but also provide the casino with the ability to offer updates and promotions via such too. Therefore, if your chosen casino does have a presence on social media, it’s quite handy to follow them or like their page. Of course, Twitter offers up the ability to tweet customer support, while Facebook provides its Messenger service. And there are an innumerable amount of people using social media platforms. So, it’s a great way for casino members to connect with their favourite casino(s). For the moment, there is only a small group of online casinos that utilise such methods. However, the number is growing, and soon enough, there’ll be a lot more platforms using social media in one way or another.

CBM Rating

When we’re reviewing an online casino, we look into every single section of it. So, it’s not just a glimpse into the external appeal of the platform, but a look at everything. Otherwise, it wouldn’t really be much of a review. Therefore, you’ll get to know all about the types of promotions that a platform offers, the type of games it provides and the fairness of such. We’ll be rating it on all of these, as well as the customer support options and payment methods. Plus, we’ll take into consideration the overall appeal of the website and its complete design. From this, we’ll hand out a rating to the casino, which will be between one and 5 stars. Should a platform receive 10 stars from us, then it will be considered to be one of the best casinos available. Whereas in the case of it receiving a single star, it’s not really able to cater to gamers in a great way. And we’re not just looking briefly into each of these sections, but we’re having a huge gander at what a casino is able to provide. This will then give you the necessary information to make an informed decision about the platform to join and play at.

Naturally, each different online casino is able to provide its players with different perks and features. So, if you have a specific requirement from a platform, such as games from a specific developer or a particular support option, you’ll be able to find out which ones cater to your needs. We’re basically providing you with the feedback about all of the casinos that we review. Therefore, you don’t need to go searching through all of the platforms that are available, because we’ll do it for you. So, if you’re ready to find your next favourite online casino, our reviews and ratings are sure to be of great assistance. Our team of expert reviewers have gathered all of the necessary details about a great number of online casinos, so check them out to find the best gaming platform for you!

This whole Gambling Guide, made up of 5 parts, was created to inform all online casino players and we really hope that all of you are better informed now and know what to look for when choosing a solid online casino destination! Don’t feel like checking all these important factors yourself? Don’t worry, we already did the work for you in advance. Just check our CBM Rating for each and every online casino listed! Thank you for reading and see you next time!


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