How to choose a reliable and solid online casino? – PART 3 – Promotions and T&C

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Welcome back! Enjoy part 3 about ‘Casino Promotions’! Hopefully after reading this part, you’ll know some more about how bonuses and free spins actually work. Go go!

The promotions that an online casino is able to offer may be of great appeal to some players. After all, they can be the catalyst to ensuring a thrilling time is had when gaming at a platform. It’s quite commonplace to see that casinos provide various different promotions to their users. From the welcome bonus that newcomers receive, through to the weekly and monthly special offers that you can take advantage of. There are even some casinos that offer up options like no deposit bonuses and free spins to players. So, you can see how promotional offers might just provide an extra reason for gamers to sign up to a platform. But exactly what kind of offers are usually found at online casinos? Well, as we said, it does differ between platforms, but let’s take a look at some of the more common ones found.

No Deposit Bonus

This offer is quite self-explanatory. It provides you with a bonus without you having to make a deposit first. These are most commonly given to players after they complete their registration. So, it’s often used as an additional perk for newcomers to enjoy. The no deposit bonuses aren’t usually a very high value promotion. However, they tend to give gamers a glimpse into what gaming at the platform is like. These no deposit bonuses can come in the form of actual bonus funds, or even in the shape of freespins on a slot game. They can be quite handy to very pleasantly welcome new players to the site. In the case of bonus funds, this usually doesn’t exceed the amount of $5-10. While freespins from a no deposit offer usually don’t go above 10-15. No deposit bonuses aren’t specifically common at online casinos, but there are a fair amount offering such. However, if you want to try a game or two out before depositing your own money, then a no deposit bonus offer is right up your street.

Welcome Offer

As far as welcome offers go, these usually come directly after the first deposit is made. Welcome offers can consist of a single bonus, a single set of freespins or a collection of both of these. And the welcome offer can be given solely on your first deposit, or it can extend across a set of your first deposits made. They’re so diverse that it would be difficult to find two casinos offering up exactly the same welcome offer to its players. Again, these are always given to new players at a platform – hence the name of them. It’s a welcoming promotion for newbies to take advantage of and enjoy. The bonus that you can receive is usually given as a percentage of the deposit that you make. So, it’s fairly common to see promotions like, “Receive 100% on your first deposit”. However, the bonus will also have a maximum value to it 99% of the time. So, it could be 100% up to $200 or 150% up to $500, for example. It’s really up to you how much you deposit initially, but if you make a deposit of $20 first off and you claim 100% bonus, you’ll receive $20 on top. And in this instance, you’ll be playing with a starting amount of $40 altogether. As it stands, the welcome bonus amount can significantly boost your start off balance.

Free spins

Freespins aren’t only given as part of a welcome promotion. It’s often the case that they’ll also be given as part of ongoing offers, which loyal players can also claim. They are often given on a specific game, although sometimes can also be utilised on several different offerings. So, you may see an offer along the lines of, “Deposit $25 and receive 20 freespins on Starburst”, just as an example. This means that if you want to receive the 20 freespins on that game, you’ll need to deposit at least $25 into your casino account. You need then simply access the game and you’ll see the freespins there ready to use. Freespins are exactly what they sound like. Free goes on a slot game. They’re quite appealing to many gamers, as slots are perhaps the most popular type of casino game. And if you’re able to spin a game’s reels a few times for free, why not?

Bonus on Deposit

The other common offer that an online casino provides is something known as a bonus on deposit. And again, this is exactly how it sounds. You make a deposit of a specific amount into your account and you’ll receive a percentage of it from the platform on top. It’s basically like the welcome bonus, but it works for regular gamers. And the percentages that you can receive range in value from as little as 25% up to 200% and more.

Promotional Terms and Conditions 

All casinos have terms and conditions that come with their special offers. It’s a standard. And while some may have many more rules to adhere to than others, the fact remains that they all have conditions for you to meet. The biggest term that most gamers want to know about is the wagering requirement that comes with bonuses and freespins. This is basically the amount of playthrough that you need to complete in order to be able to make a withdrawal. Now, if you make a deposit and play with your own money only, then this doesn’t have any terms. However, if you choose to receive a bonus or some freespins, the likelihood is that there will be some wagering requirements to meet. This can either come in the form of the amount of the bonus times by ‘x’ amount, or the amount of the bonus and deposit times by ‘x’ amount. And this amount that you need to wager it by differs from casino to casino. Some only have minimal wagering requirements of 10 times. However, others can invoke requirements of 50 times the bonus and deposit amount. You’ll also have to deposit a minimum amount to be able to claim bonuses. And while this is often the minimum deposit that the platform accepts overall, it can be higher.

That was it again! We’re getting there, so stick with us! Next one is part 4 in which we’ll zoom in on Banking! You can read part 4 by clicking the link below!


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