How do you know if you can trust a casino game?

Trust a Casino Game

When you’re out to gamble in a land-based casino, you want to have the feeling that you have a fair chance of winning something. Because you’re there and it happens right in front of your eyes, you’re able to get an impression yourself and make sure that it’s fair and consistent. When it’s not, it’s easy for you to just get up and go somewhere else. When you’re gambling online, this is much more difficult. How do you know if an online casino where you’re playing is honest and gives you a fair chance to win?

To assure players that online gaming operators offer fair games, they are programmed using a Random Number Generator (RNG). This Random Number Generator ensures that every spin, turn or roll has a complete random outcome. This is what makes the casino games completely random and that your luck is not being manipulated. In other words, the RNG is the mastermind of casino games and determines whether you will hit a super mega win or not. Additionally, all casino games are always subject to in depth testing by third party firms.

That sounds nice, but is it still possible for casinos to also offer games without the Random Number Generator? It’s not allowed, but it’s not impossible. It’s your responsibility to check this before you start playing a game.

Here’s a checklist you should use every time you start playing a new game:

  1. Check the software provider
  2. Google their reputation
  3. Look for the ‘Certified Fair Gaming’ seal from one of the prominent auditing firms (for example: Technical Systems Testing (TST)eCOGRA and Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC).

Curious how the Random Number Generator works?

It’s actually not so simple to explain. The RNG is an algorithm with a sequence of instructions which generates random numbers. All possible combinations are like code numbers connected to different results. Also, previous results are not saved or stored in any way. This way all results are totally independent and do not affect or influence one or the other. It’s basically software in casino games that makes sure that every time you spin there’s a completely random output based on the resulting numbers. The magnitude and tenor of how it precisely works is however out of the human mathematical knowledge.

So keep in mind that you check the casino and its games before you start playing and make sure you have a honest chance of landing those megabucks. Gamble safe, smart and most of all: have fun!

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