Evolution Set to Release New Live Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette New Release

Evolution Gaming, a leading provider of live dealer solutions, is set to release its newest game, Lightning Roulette. The new version of roulette is revolutionary in the industry as it provides new ways to win too with each player experience being unique.

Evolution has also chosen to add some interesting special effects to add to the user experience such as lightning bolts and special sound effects. The black and gold art deco design allows for a visually appealing impact, and as expected, Evolution Gaming will be releasing the new game across all platforms and support languages.

Lightning Roulette has been designed to feature up to five lucky randomly generated numbers with each game played. Straight up bets can be placed on the lucky numbers and payout as much as 500x the amount staked.

It is the lucky numbers that bring the excitement as this is where winnings can really add up. That is due to each lucky number having the potential to return a positive result if a bet has been placed. The minimum payout if successful is 50x the bet, and can award 100x, 200x, 300x, 400x and 500x. All lucky numbers are re-set at the beginning of each new round to allow for improved odds. There is also a minimum payout of 30x for non-multiplied straight up bets and this version, as with all others by Evolution Gaming include the usual range of standard bets such as red/black, corners, dozens etc.

The objective with the new game is to inject a larger amount of variety into roulette and add value for players by the inclusion of special sound effects, essentially making it more dramatic and exciting. Evolution Gaming is known for pioneering a different approach to its live dealer games and the live gaming experience, and this is evident with the upcoming new release of Lightning Roulette.

The chief product officer at Evolution, Todd Haushalter stated during ICE in London stated “This is the most complex product we have ever done, but all that complexity is hidden from the players, who only see that each round, between one and five numbers are struck by lightning and given magnified payouts of 50x – 500x. Haushalter added “To do this we combined digital random number generators with the Live Roulette wheel, which has never been done before.”

Evolution Gaming also set to release Salon Privé

It seems Evolution Gaming has its hand full as it is also in the midst of releasing Salon Privé, an exclusive salon that will provide players with a greater range of options and luxurious ways they play table games.

Initially, the new salon will include blackjack and roulette, and as time goes on, other table game variants will be added.

For Haushalter, this is not an easy accomplishment, but one they are most proud of. Commenting on it he said, “This has never been done before because it is so difficult to achieve operationally. We are offering players unprecedented levels of control over the game at totally private, single-player roulette and blackjack tables.

The new salon will give players the ability to select their preferred dealers, control of game speed, changing cards and more. The purpose of the new salon is to equal the experience many elite players receive in prove gaming rooms in Vegas and Macau.

About Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming is a leading iGaming live dealer provider with gaming studios located throughout the world. They include an extensive library of games such as live roulette, blackjack, three card poker, baccarat, Caribbean stud poker and Texas hold’ em.

As a multi-national team, they work towards a common goal, that being to produce and deliver live casino solutions for online casino operators. They include a wide variety of solutions and are continually striving to develop new techniques and technology that sets them apart from other live gaming solution providers.


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