Endorphina in Hot Water after Durga Online Slot Deemed Offensive to Hindu Community

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Endorphina Limited is in hot water with the Hindu community after the release of Durga online slot. Hindu’s are requesting that Endorphina immediate pull the slot from their library stating that the game is inappropriate and offensive.

The introduction to the slot states “Prepare to get stunned with the Hindu mythology inspired slot… where Divine Power rules… Embracing the majestic story, the Players will enjoy the game attempting to spot the expanding wild featuring Durga riding the Lion.”

Rajan Zed, who is the President of Universal Society of Hinduism, stated that the use of Hindu symbols, deities, and or concepts surrounding it is not acceptable to those who are Hindu. Zed is urging Endorphina to apologise publicly and remove the game from its library of games as Durga depicts the image of Durga, a Hindu goddess. By associating the goddess with gaming, it is offensive and considered insensitive.

The problem lies with the fact the Durga goddess in Hinduism is highly revered and is only to be worshipped in home shines or at Hindu temples. Zed added that the goddess was not meant to be displayed in public for the profit of companies such as Endorphina.

Considering there is over 1 billion Hindu’s in the world, it is clear that Endorphina failed to effetely research how using the goddess would be viewed by the Hindu community. Zed is also requesting that the Malta Gaming Authority and the Malta Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services intervene to apply pressure on Endorphina to remove the game. He further will be contacting Endorphina’s partners that include the Durga slot in its reportorial of slots asking they remove it.

Zed further made suggestions that casinos offering they could apply pressure or remove the Durga slot from their casino libraries as a message to Endorphina that the game is inappropriate. While the use of the Durga goddess is one aspect generating disapproval, the fact the slot includes the other Hindu symbols such as shankh, trishul and ghanta. There is also references to Mahisasura, a buffalo demon.

Endorphina is an award-winning software company that is well-represented with online casinos. The company is registered in Malta and licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority. Whether Endorphina will remove the game in favour of not continuing to generate negative interest from the Hindu community has yet to be announced.

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