Betsoft Gaming releases uniquely-themed Monster Pop slot

Monster Pop Betsoft Gaming

Don’t poke the bear is handy advice to anyone who loves hiking and trekking. Yet, in Betsoft Gaming’s Monster Pop, popping the monster is alright. This new innovative slot makes gaming quite fun.

For starters, you will witness a slightly different grid when you join Betsoft Gaming in Monster Pop. Here, you are dealing with a 5×5 grid. Now, this may not be as cutting edge as you might have imagined, but hold on.

There is more, as it turns out! The grid can quickly expand to 13×13, creating a cluster of opportunities. A single bet, in the meantime, can fetch your win up to 1921 times your bet – quite the decent number!

Plus, there are various special features to explore. For starters, meet the Monster Cloner Symbol. It’s backed by the Flaming Spheres and Monster Fury. All of these are monstrous additions to the regular gameplay.

And if you have tried to guess – you guessed correctly; they guarantee better profits.

Great Feel, Gameplay and Compatibility

Let’s take it from the top – Monster Pop works a treat from any device you have handy. Don’t worry – whether you are a desktop nerd or a mobile free spirit, Monster Pop will work just fine.

The Clone Symbol is one you want to get because it fetches you more symbols. Now, duplicating monsters – that doesn’t sound great. But on this occasion, it’s exactly what you need.

The Wild Oracle Eye is there to make sure that those odd combinations will pay off. For the most precious feature – the free spins, just get the Flaming Sphere. Well, get is more of an order. Naturally, it all boils down to pure luck!

Yet, with so many different things to be looking forward to, it’s definitely worth giving it all a go. Monster Pop has a unique spin on events that’s quite worth it and definitely exciting.

Players seem to have taken to the game, but that’s not everyone who’s seen the upside. Betsoft Gaming’s marketing director, Annamaria Anastasi, is also pleased with the latest slot. For those of you that aspire popping monsters, click on the button below!


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