Authentic Live Roulette Lands at Mr. Green

Mr Green Nieuws

Live roulette is no longer a fantasy for players who frequent Mr. Green casino. In a recently announced partnership with Authentic Gaming, Mr. Green is bringing live streaming roulette straight from casinos in Georgia and Italy.

Mr. Green players will now have the option of sitting down at one of seven tables at the Hilton Hotel and International Batumi, while vying for payouts up to 120 to 1. It’s an addition loyal subscribers have long been pinning for.

The upgrade excites long time players and serves as an addition to the excitement that typically exudes from the Mr. Green experience. Offering live roulette certainly rounds out what is typically a virtuoso experience for players who enjoy the casino’s well regarded live casino platform.


Authentic Gaming

Authentic Gaming is a leading software developer featured by other high end casinos such as Jetbull. They offer live streaming roulette for 18 hours a day, live and in person from their location at International Batumi in Georgia. They’ve put in extensive work behind the scenes, through months of player testing in order to insure a genuine experience.

Mobile gaming is their forte and they say they’ve delivered a live casino to your handheld via Mr. Green that’s unrivaled anywhere else.

Live Roulette Variations

There are four variations of roulette offered by the software provider. Roulette Turbo, which is offered live, nearly around the clock. Roulette Superieur, a four player option. Roulette Orginal which is stripped down to the basics. Roulette Professional for the more experienced player and Roulette Double Wheel, which functions as the name indicates.

Mr. Green casino indicates they’ve added Authentic Gaming and live roulette to meet the ever increasing demand from players for an all encompassing casino on one website. Adding to the fun, players will also have the option of placing Lucky Ball side bets at all of the live roulette tables now at Mr. Green.

Streaming games from actual live casinos have increasingly becoming a benchmark feature of iGaming providers. Platforms are scrambling to keep up with the demand in the incredibly competitive industry, where tiny slights, like a lack of live roulette, can send players straight to the competition.

Casinos are stacking the deck so to speak, with personalized staff they hope become familiar to repeat players. In a world that’s becoming rapidly automated, the online casino industry seeks to stay ahead of the curve and make the experience of playing roulette online as real and true as it can get from a handheld device.

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