Another Global Partnership has been signed between Habanero and Playtech

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Ladies and gentlemen, another champagne popped-up for declaration of another enormous partnership in the iGaming industry. With this partnership between the spicy-sweety provider Habanero and Playtech, both market leaders, you will receive the real taste of gaming.

Habanero and Playtech are some of the most successful vendors in the entire online casino world. They both have their name on the walls of most pioneer operators; however, apparently, it was not enough for both of them. The parties believe that after this deal, with their passion for innovation and striving to be the best, the fun they offer will be multiplied.

Briefly about Habanero

It was 2012 when Habanero Systems get into our lives for creating a difference with its more than hundreds of contents. For the last few years, the vendor made a remarkable growth in the market with its impressive titles. Moreover, having a strong focus on HTML5 titles, Habanero brought novelty to online casinos.

If you have never tried any game from the portfolio of Habanero, prepare yourself because it will be amazing! At the moment, its collection contains a wide range of slot and table titles with different themes and gameplay. Moreover, most of those games are available in more than 25 languages. So, maybe you can enjoy them in your native language.

As mentioned above, Habanero is popular for bringing novelty in the industry. In this sense, it took another step through the future and started to design its contents as crypto-friendly! So, regardless of your choice, either create some magic in Wizards Want War! or have a cute throwback to your childhood with Happiest Christmas Tree, you will feel yourself home.

Another reason behind the success of the provider is offering a fully liable system that you can trust. Hence, having partnership agreements with the best online casinos is no surprise, at all.

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What does Playtech stand for?

Playtech is an online casino vendor that is the biggest one traded on the London Stock Exchange Main Market. As you can understand from the name, the company’s aim is developing the most impressive games with cutting-edge technology.

Despite the fact that it has been in the market for decades, the vendor has kept its eagerness to be innovative. Furthermore, with the experience coming from the years, Playtech is the best location where tradition and novelty meets.

Today, the company stands as fully liable with its high-security and liability proved by over 15 jurisdictions. Regarding this, you will be able to have fun with various types of games with Playtech with a mind at peace.

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After this barnburner agreement, both parties were highly thrilled and pleased to be a part of this partnership. European Head of Business Development at Habanero, Arcangelo Lonoce, said that this deal with Playtech will boost the content technology they have. He also added that this partnership will bring huge pluses to both vendors by bringing more audience than ever. In the end, he stated their pleasure to expand globally with those strong partnership deals.

From the other side of the deal, James Frendo, the Director of Casino at Playtech, has added a few things. He indicated the success of their new partner in the first place. However, after saying how glad they are for this partnership, he ended up his words by saying they cannot wait for making a splash with Habanero Systems.

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