In the world of the casinos, there are many ways to get miffed. The registration process is often not quick enough. To make things even more upsetting, you are frequently asked to provide tons of information. Information that you need to dig around for, take photos of, and struggle through uploads. It does sound like a handful – and that’s supposed to be your hobby. Well, there may finally be an answer and a solution. Welcome the Pay ‘n Play Casinos which will help you cut short the time you need to spend on doing the red tape.

Want to focus on something more permanent instead? Such as playing the games themselves? That’s great, because thanks to this unique payment option, you can drastically cut the time necessary to register at a new casino. So, what’s the Pay ‘n Play online casino and how does it work in your favour?


What’s a Pay ‘n Play Casino?

Pay ‘n Play is an unsung hero. Many payment processors out there promise to make things really simple for you, add additional security to your gaming experience and so forth. You have probably heard all the sales pitches there are. Yet, only a few companies would go the full distance, offering real solutions on the spot.

Pay ‘n Play is one of those companies. This payment processor offers to register you automatically at a casino. What you need to do is register your account today and then find the best casinos that provide Trustly as a registration option.

In essence, you are only registering your e-Wallet account and then Pay ‘n Play will do the rest for you. There are a lot of background checks that casinos are forced to do these days, such as Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks.

While you surely understand why these checks are necessary, you are not a big fan of them nevertheless. Well, with Trustly you don’t have to be, because registering at the casino would be as simple as making a deposit.

In fact, it will all come down to making a deposit. The best Pay ‘n Play online casinos will simply allow you to deposit. Meanwhile, in the background, the casino and the payment provider will engage in complicated communication that will verify your identity and fulfil the operator’s legal obligations.

It certainly is a convenient way to handle casino registration. And if we need to be perfectly honest with you, this way of registering an account provides the necessary layer of security that most other payment methods point out as their significant – and perhaps sole – advantage.

Pros vs Cons of the System

Pay ‘n Play comes with the remarkable advantage of saving players all the paperwork they would otherwise be forced to carry out. The online gaming industry just loves to be thorough and as regulatory standards rise, so do the verification checks necessary.

For instance, upon registering your account, you will immediately need to confirm with an SMS code sent directly to your phone. This is an acceptable practice, and it has helped improve security and protect vulnerable individuals a great lot.

However, to people who are just trying to play, that’s a lot of unnecessary hassle that they would rather outsource. In its current form, casinos that offer Pay ‘n Play solutions are becoming an increasingly preferred option.

Saving yourself the initial trouble is precisely what players expect and appreciate in a casino. Trustly, the service that Pay ‘n Play utilises, has been gaining popularity and is now part of some of the most respected casinos out there. Yet, you are probably asking yourself – aren’t there downsides?

Any Cons of Registering at a Casino with Trustly?

There are no downsides to using the service. Trustly and casinos undergo the same strict audits that players on their own wouldn’t be entirely able to accomplish. However, some casino fans would much rather sort out most of the registration on their own.

While a Pay ‘n Play casino will take all the necessary information that it needs, you may want to know what that information is specifically. Of course, there are many ways to access that info after starting to play, but for some users – security and informed choice come first. With regards to this, Trustly may be inviting players to play rather too quickly.

Then again, you won’t find a Trustly casino that isn’t, in fact fully audited and prepared to meet all regulatory norms.

For What Can You Use the Pay ‘n Play Option?

Apparently, we have covered the KYC and AML checks. Registering while saving yourself the time needed to provide the necessary documentation is indeed a blessing. However, more handy features come along with this option.

Pay 'n Play Casinos with Trustly

You can, in fact, boost your banking flexibility by using the Pay ‘n Play casino’s eWallet – Trustly – as your primary way of depositing and withdrawing. Free of any fees and guaranteeing you instant deposits, this payment option is indeed one of the best ways to do anything at a casino.

In fact, the solution works great for both players – meaning you – as well as the companies. The monthly average increase in registrations hits 82%, according to the company, which is using data from casinos to compile an accurate overview.

The number of deposits is going up 128%. Of course, you aren’t specifically interested in how well a company performs. Your interests lie exclusively with how you can use this quick depositing method to make things easier on your end. Well, placing various deposits securely is precisely what you get.

Plus, there is hardly the need to punch in any additional data than the amount you want to deposit – or better yet, withdraw.

Are Pay ‘n Play Online Casinos a Lasting Model?

One question that keeps resurfacing is whether regulators are happy to allow casinos to take data directly from Trustly and Pay ‘n Play online venues. This is as good a question as any. The point of having financial checks, such as KYC and AML is to make sure that individuals aren’t coming in the way of gambling harm and that they aren’t using stolen funds to fuel their addiction – or simply play away someone else’s money.

These checks are necessary, and they are mandatory. Some have suggested that Trustly too readily trusts casinos. This is not entirely true. As a company, Pay ‘n Play is far from the idea that all operators out there are fully reliable. That’s why thorough vetting is done before signing with an operator.

In fact, Trustly is essential for another reason as well. The payment processor basically creates a network of collaborations that is necessary to create an even safer gaming industry. The fact that Trustly can quickly assess a player’s profile and save operators the legwork or also exchange essential highlights in a person’s financial profile goes to show how important collaboration has become.

With regards to the safety and security going in the model, we believe that Pay ‘n Play online casinos are not only a temporary trend. They are here to stay and become the norm. Of course, the security standards of Trustly are high, and therefore, casinos will need to make sure that they cover these standards in full and well.

Pay and Play can, in fact, turn out to be an industry standard-bearer insofar as KYC and AML practices go, which just goes to show how innovative payment solutions can completely reshape the gaming landscape, and for the better.

Are Pay ‘n Play Casinos Safe and Secure?

We have alluded to the safety and security of the company repeatedly. Trustly and Pay ‘n Play are indeed options that you can fully rely on. When it comes to eWallets, this is usually the case. The objective added layer of security is there to separate your bank account from any casino transactions completely.

To make things even better, Pay ‘n Play is audited by financial regulators to ensure the safety of the offer. SSL encryption is also mandatory as the company is a de facto repository of sensitive personal information.

In its history so far, this payment processor has only been showered with accolades, making it one of the most viable options out there when it comes to gaming safely and securely, relying on nothing more than your banking option.

Are Pay ‘n Play online casinos safe and secure? We are convinced that the track record of the company until now consolidates its status as a trusted authority.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Saving yourself some time off registration sounds great. But you are probably far more concerned with the depositing and withdrawing options here rather than anything else. After all, regardless of the payment method, you want to avoid fees and possibly have your money as quickly as possible with you.

This often means that you will have to be rather meticulous about your choice of a payment option in the first place. Well, with Trustly, you know that you can deposit in a matter of seconds, and as to your withdrawals, they already beat the industry average for the quickest withdrawing options available.

Another great upside of using this payment solution is that you don’t actually have to bother with any fees along the way. It’s rather common for the legal gaming industry not to charge you anything, but when you can achieve speed and security of the level that Trustly offers, then you begin asking yourself if there isn’t any hidden payment to address.

Well, as it turns out, all you have to do is enjoy yourself.

Casino Bonuses for Trustly

An excellent payment option should make it possible for players to claim a bonus that helps them to bring out their best game and to continue building up. Therefore, Trustly is fully compatible with all types of casino bonuses there are. You can use this payment option to claim any of the presently available offers on the market, including deposit and no deposit bonuses, freeplay, free spins, reload, loyalty and VIP.

You can even enter the so-called slots tournaments using tickets that are granted to you upon registration. Unlike other eWallets that disqualify you from offers, Trustly is actually quite welcome, because it’s the ultimate form of trust established between you and the casinos.

The payment method is fully compatible with the offer of the best casinos that feature it as a viable option. Are you looking to start playing with something more than your own money? You shouldn’t hesitate to choose a bonus when depositing with Trustly.

The Future of Gaming

Trustly is definitely the cornerstone of the gaming experience, and you will not need to worry about Pay ‘n Play casinos disappearing any time soon. In fact, the company intends to expand its offer worldwide, with presently only a handful of select markets using it.

This payment solution is also a synonym of regulated gaming. You will never see any Pay ‘n Play casino that is not backed by an official licensing authority and audited thoroughly to make sure that it’s up to the required and expected standards — looking for the next benchmark in the iGaming industry? You have found it.

Final Words

Pay ‘n Play online casinos are a fantastic way to make sure that players get what they need. The Trustly solution has become more popular, preceded by its fame. While there are still many things to see to for the mass scaling of this payment method, the best casinos worldwide have been focusing on fully integrating this payment option.

The reason, as you guess is simple enough. With over 100% growth in deposits and volume, businesses are very much interested in providing you with the solutions you specifically like. Meanwhile, this is good news for you – the player. After all, all you care about is not having to deal with the red tape. This is precisely what you get a free pass at with Pay ‘n Play and Trustly. Below you can find all Pay ‘n Play Casinos who have made it through our checks. Happy playing!