Winterberries 2 - GAME REVIEW

7.4 / 10

Winter is not just for snow. It’s also a great season to indulge in berries! Juniper, rowan (a bit sour) and hawthorn – the options are vast when you know where to look. Ready your taste buds as these varieties can be enjoyed raw or used creatively in recipes such as jellies, wine, even ketchup! Plus let us not forget that all of this berry goodness inspired Yggdrasil Gaming’s online slot Winterberries 2; a sequel filled with plenty of similarities and differences from its predecessor. Now who said winter has nothing delicious to offer?

Winterberries 2 offers an updated and modernized look, with a winter scene on the left side balanced by a warmer autumnal landscape to its right. At the heart of it all is a Whomping Willow-like tree which supports an engaging game grid surrounded by multiplying symbols near its top. This unique split between old and new themes sets Winterberry 2 apart from other online slots.

winterberries 2 base game

Winterberries 2 – Game Properties

Winterberries 2 is a contemporary slot game that delivers cutting-edge gameplay with modern principles. Different from the norm in 2016, it stands out as an immersive experience inducing max wins and unprecedented volatility.

This mathematical model is extremely dynamic and produces varied Return-To-Player (RTP) rates ranging from 86% to 96%, ensuring a comprehensive gaming experience. With every round, players have a winning chance as they decide on their stake. The base bet can range from 0.10 to an astounding USD/EUR 100 per spin and there is an option of activating the Golden Bet for those seeking extra luck. Unlock the sixth reel of The Golden Bet and double your chances for free spins. With more reels in action, you can hit sensational 6-of-a-kind wins and use higher multipliers to maximize rewards.


Winterberries 2 is a 6-reel grid game featuring 20 paylines and a wide variety of symbols to match. Players can team up with naturalistic clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades for low pays – awarding anywhere between 2x the bet up to 6x depending on what comes in. Those looking for higher returns need only hit five or six matching berried high pays ranging from 8x all the way past 30 times their original wager.

The scatter symbol is a symbol in the form of a flying bee. You’ll have to match at least 3 bees to enter the bonus game. There’s no wild symbol available in Winterberries 2.

Bonus Features

Winterberries 2 invites players to take advantage of its focal mechanic, Respins: when a winning line is hit, the symbols that form it become frozen in place and other ones respin for additional opportunities. If new symbols with matching elements join them on their journey; they will also freeze into position. When no more matching symbols appear – all prizes earned during this feature are summed up and paid out immediately.

winterberries 2 bonus game

Column Multipliers

Activate the multipliers above each column of reels and increase your winnings. When you freeze symbols consecutively from the left to the right, it can activate multipliers that range anywhere between 1x and 32x in the basegame. For example, if reels one and two are covered in frozen icons then there’s a chance of activating the third reel multiplier.

winterberries 2 frozen fruits

Free Spins

Trigger the bonus round with 3 or more scatter symbols. Land from just three up to six scatters, depending on whether Golden Bet is active – which rewards you with 10, 12 15 or even 20 free spins.

Free spins offer generous rewards with multipliers from 2x to 64x. But that’s not all – when scatter symbols appear on the reels, they award an extra free spin plus up to 15 added multipliers! Silver scatters bring +1-3 bonus multipliers, gold ones carry a range of +4-8 and diamonds can add as much as 10-15 more.

Buy Bonus

  • Players in certain jurisdictions are offered lucrative bonus buy options, with 4 exciting packages to choose from.
  • For 100x their bet they can get 10-15 free spins and 5 columns.
  • 150x the bet rewards them 10-20 free spins with 6 columns.
  • Guaranteed 15 complimentary turns accompanied by five reels for 200x the stake.

Finally, plucky risk takers willing to pay 300X can enjoy a whopping 20 extra rounds across 6 impressive spinners.

winterberries 2 buy bonus


Yggdrasil Gaming created Winterberries 2 to take advantage of the popular respin feature. This game is a prime example of that genre and has an exciting multiplier reel element which adds extra interest – both in main play and free spins where multipliers are doubled or can be even higher when scatters hit. The Golden Bet option plays a crucial role here. Though some may find it controversial; having been employed elsewhere as well, rarely does such direct influence come into effect quite like with Winterberries 2.

Winterberries 2 offers an incredible maximum winning potential of 10,000x the bet. With its exciting hold and respin mechanics coupled with increased rewards throughout all aspects of gameplay, players can be sure to experience a thrilling adventure as they attempt to harvest Winterberries 2’s abundant entertainment value!


Software provider: Yggdrasil
Game type: Video Slots
Return to player: 96% | 94% | 90.5% | 86%
Lines: 20
Reels: 6
  • Autoplay
  • Gamble - Double Up
  • Free Spins
  • Bonus Game
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