Game of Gladiators Uprising - GAME REVIEW

7.6 / 10

Game of Gladiators Uprising from software developer Play’n GO looks set to bring the thrill these warriors once carried into new limelight for future generations. For centuries, gladiators have been a part of history. While not as prominent, when compared to their male counterparts, female gladiatrices played an essential role back then in thrilling audiences with fierce combats against animals or even other combatants.

Today, we have the privilege of testing our gaming skills in a safe environment. No portcullis opening and facing armed adversaries. But for an exciting challenge that gets your adrenaline pumping just as much, try Game of Gladiators Uprising. Step into the amphitheater with brave warriors fighting against you. Get your armor out of your wardrobe and roar like a lion. Maybe you will defeat your enemy and simultaneously win some money!

game of gladiators uprising base game

Game of Gladiators Uprising – Game Properties

Play’n GO engineers an exciting scene: a 5×4 grid sits in the center of an arena with Spartacus and Bellica surprisingly pitted against each other. Looking on from his elevated box seat is Emperor Gaius, presiding over this epic battle for glory!

Game of Gladiators Uprising leverages an impressive medium volatility math model with a wide range of Return to Player (RTP) models from 84.2 – 96.2%. These figures are adjusted according to current market conditions. This online slot game is playable on tablets, mobiles and desktops devices. Perfect for all gaming budgets from 0.05 to USD/EUR 100 per spin.

30 Paylines provide players with numerous opportunities to win big as they traverse the game grid on their search for glorious prizes. Line up three, four or five of a kind and you could be celebrating an epic triumph. With intensely high stakes, this game gives you the chance to win up to 6,000x your investment.


With J-A royals, your win can be 1 to 1.4 times the bet for a 5-of-a-kind. Four premium symbols in the colors green, blue, purple and red; shackles, chisels, morning stars and helmets will reap from 5 to 30 times your stake for a 5-of-a-kind.

Try your luck with the three dynamic wilds of Spartacus, Bellica and Emperor Gaius. These ancient gladiator symbols will substitute any pay symbol and trigger an incredible feature.

Bonus Features

Join Spartacus, Bellica, and Emperor Gaius as they battle their way across the reels in Game of Gladiators Uprising. Any one of these iconic gladiator symbols can trigger free spins with an epic bonus round featuring battles between legendary adversaries.

Gladiator’s Oath

Land on any single type of Gladiator symbol to trigger an exciting respin – each with its own unique modifier:

  • Legion Slash: Spartacus adds 3 to 5 wilds on the reels
  • Full Strike: Bellica adds 1 or 2 full reel wilds to the reels
  • Emperor Strike: Emperor Gaius adds 2 or 3 x2 multiplier wilds to the reels

By landing any gladiators, another respin will not be triggered during respins.

Champions of the Arena

Enter the Champions of the Arena free spins and wage war when two distinct gladiator symbols appear on the reels. Be strategic in predicting who will come out victorious. If your pick is accurate, you can receive a reward worth up to 5x your initial bet.

Players can experience the thrill of a gladiatorial duel with this bonus feature, as they watch their warrior battle for up to 100 free spins. With each contender starting off at three lives, players eagerly await every clash and outcome.

Collect five of the same gladiator symbols and move forward on the collect point above the reels. Hoping to unlock an electrifying respin with that hero’s exclusive modifier. Plus, add in a random extra boost from multipliers ranging from x2 to x50. Each triggered spin also weakens their competitor’s life bar.

When the clash of gladiators concludes, free spins end if one has been eliminated three times. If maximum spin capacity is reached without a victor being declared, it’s considered a draw and prizes are not rewarded. Yet when both contenders arrive at their third attack point simultaneously, Guess the Victor awards can be claimed.

game of gladiators uprising bonus game


For fans of Ancient Rome-themed slots, Game of Gladiators Uprising provides an exciting gaming experience. Play’n GO has created a cinematic battle element that spices up the free spins mode, adding elements never seen before in this genre.

Game of Gladiators Uprising offers an array of rewards, with potential multiplier bonuses up to a massive x50 and maximum winnings of 6,000x the stake. Further boosting its value is a possible 100 free spins in the bonus round – making it undeniably an attractive proposition for gamers.

At the end it might not be a chart-topper, but its unique combination of gladiator gaming and gambling creates an experience all of its own. While it may lack the grandeur or brutality found in other similarly themed slots, those with a penchant for classical influences will still find entertainment here.


Software provider: Play’n GO
Game type: Video Slots
Return to player: 96.20% | 94.20% | 91.20% | 87.20% | 84.20%
Lines: 30
Reels: 5
  • Autoplay
  • Gamble - Double Up
  • Free Spins
  • Bonus Game
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