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The 2 Best GG Poker Casinos 2019

Asian gaming industry is booming. But it isn’t just for slots. Poker is also becoming equally popular as the online slots. Over the years, the popularity of poker has grown thanks to professional poker. The amount of money involved made a strong demand for this game.

But these days, you don’t see players go to casinos in order to enjoy their favorite game. Instead, it all happens online. Asia is in fact at the epicenter of this growing poker phenomenon. One of the top companies in the industry today is GG Network.

GG Network is among the most favorite online poker network in the Asian region. Over the years, the company has been building its relations in different parts of the world including Australia, Europe, and South America.

Company Details

GG which stands for “Good Game” is something that represents the company quite well. The company has grown to the point wherein they have a roster of reputable ambassadors including Kitty Kuo, Xuan Liu and Vi Vee. In fact, even professional poker players in the industry have praised GG Network for its outstanding work.

Currently, majority of the players that enjoy the games by GG Network came from China and Korea. However, they are accepting players from all over Asia. What made the company stand out is the price money that can be won on their site.

The company has been able to partner with Tianlong Poker. Players at this particular site, as the company claims, are not afraid to bet big. In fact, they also offer tournaments during Sundays with over $50,000 guarantees.

The company today has offices in both UK and Ireland. They also expanded to 20 partners worldwide with a combined 1 million active users. What makes the company different from the rest is its “Asian friendly” poker games.


During peak hours, GG Network has around 1200 to 1400 players online. It is possible to sign up on the site using Skrill, BNI, BCA, and Mandiri. If you have more questions regarding this issue, you can have a number of options. Just ask the customer support for assistance. It mostly depends on which country you are playing in to which options you can use in order to fund your account.

In addition to this, the company has been able to invest on its back end which allowed an Android, Windows and iOS version of GG Network which can be played in your mobile device.

The games are known to have high quality graphics. In addition to this, there are different languages available from Japanese to English.

Security and Fairness

The company is known for its integrity. With its partnership with different companies from different parts of the globe, the GG Network guarantees that its players have a venue where they can play without worrying about fraudulent activities.

In fact, the company invests on a back office where the management of money flow and efficiency are all being handled. The back office of GG Network is the one in charge of collection, analysis, and the visualization of funds in a secure container.

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