CBM Approved Casinos SealCBM Approved Casinos are online casino operators who have passed our in-depth casino tests with above average results. In connection with the foregoing, these operators have met our mandatory requirements in order to gain the status of approved. Considering this, they have been remunerated with our Casino Bonus Master Seal of Approval. Casino brands holding our seal have it displayed somewhere on their website. In most cases it’s located on the bottom of the homepage. Additionally, on each specific CBM casino review page you should be able to see our Seal of Approval. Also, Approved Casinos have a ‘thumbs up’ icon added on the review page to indicate their approved status. This way you can verify if the stated online operator is bearing our exclusive seal. If you are searching for first class online casinos, you are definitely at the right section of our website. You can be sure that you’ll be in good hands if you choose one of the casinos listed on this page as we have reserved this section exclusively for the prime gaming operators. These casinos online are proven to be diaphanous, player oriented and most importantly, always striving to keep players satisfied. Like stated before, only those casinos who meet our standards and pass our test will get listed on this section. You are probably wondering what these standards are and which factors we take into consideration when reviewing an online casino to become approved. Let’s have a closer look at our mandatory requirements.

Cumulative requirements to gain the status of Approved Casino

Overall casino rating

First and foremost, casinos listed on Casino Bonus Master must hold an overall rating equal to or higher than 8.5. If the concerned gambling operator is not holding a score of 8.5 or higher, they surely can’t be in the running to become an Approved Casino on the CBM directory. As aforementioned, this requirement is the most important one, because the rating is based on several important factors regarding the overall organization and the casino business practices. In other words, this standard is covering the most important operational elements we take into consideration when rating various casinos that utilize the world wide web to offer their services. The following factors – without revealing too much about our ‘secret sauce’ in terms of how the CBM rating actually works – are subject to scrutiny during the testing process: licensing (legitimacy), software providers, customer service, banking, responsible gaming, bonuses and their terms and conditions. All these factors are being looked at very closely when determining what score the casino will be allocated.

Minimum presence on the CBM directory

The second requirement in order to be eligible for the approved status is that the concerned casino must have a presence of at least 2 months on the Casino Bonus Master website. During the minimum listing period of 2 months we allow our member to share their thoughts on different operators which will be taken into consideration once the operator applies for the Seal of Approval. All CBM members have the option to leave their personal review regarding different aspects of the casino. We are always curious about the experience of players and appreciate every type of feedback. What did they like about the operator? What did they dislike? Is there any room for improvement, for example in terms of game choice and what software providers are offered? Or did they have any good or bad experience with the customer service? Is Live Chat Support offered? How about the general and promotional terms and conditions? Well, whatever you want to get off your heart, we at CBM are all ears!

Active casino representative and dispute resolution

The third requirement for our Seal of Approval is an active casino representative on the CBM website. Online casinos holding our exclusive seal must have an active representative on the site in order to communicate with our members. The representative will be ready to answer questions or assist with matters involving customer service. Any questions regarding the casino can be directed to the representative. In addition to the direct communication line between players and the casino representative, CBM will be working towards a dedicated Casino Mediation Service where players of various casinos can submit their complaints or any other type of issues. If you are having problems with your account, software, bonuses and terms and conditions, payments or any type of other issue, you will be able to start a mediation case in which we will act as an intermediary in order to resolve the dispute between players and casinos. In regards to the complaints, operators holding our seal can’t have any unresolved complaints. If approved casinos fail to resolve any of the complaints submitted by our members, they will risk losing their status of approval. Unfortunately, our dispute resolution service is not available yet, however we are working really hard to get the service started in the near future.

Exclusive offer for CBM members

Our last requirement for the approval status, admittedly slightly marketing oriented, is that the casino must offer something extra to the CBM members. We believe that the CBM family must get something extra. In other words, the casino must have an exclusive offer. This could be some extra free spins upon registration, extra bonus money or additional free spins on top of the standard welcome offer. You name it.